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He believes it might actually change his personality, and in this chapter the reader will find the most interest with the two in their relationship, between a human and a vampire, and no matter how dark Armand likes to think of himself, he is putty in Daniel's hands when he is in love. Part of this novel is a welcome detour from the usual vampire chronicle saga novels, with the Vampire Queen Akasha featuring in it as well as the previous characters. I liked that I got to find out more of the vampire Armand's life and pursuits, and of his lover's life too as there was little mentioned in the first volume.

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Rice has managed to continue the story of Lestat and partly Louis, and brought much more out in this story that previously expected. As in every other Rice novel, there is a sense of wonder to contend with, and a descriptive sensuality that never fails to grip the reader. Brite Paris Immortal by S. Read the Magic Rises review. Ward interview. Subscribe to the LoveVampires email newsletter and get site news, reviews and information delivered direct to your mailbox.

Join the mailing list. LoveVampires - the website dedicated to vampire fiction. With vampire book reviews, information and author interviews. Search LoveVampires Site:. The Review After his rise from the earth, Lestat decided to embrace the new world, its modernity, and his need to be admired by all, even if they did not know who he truly was.

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I also find it so interesting the way all the vampires are psychically connected. That makes for interesting connections and interactions among them.

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It helped me understand and get to know all of them better. I stand by my assessment that Armand is awful. Technological inventions began to obsess Armand, one after the other. First it was kitchen blenders, in which he made frightful concoctions mostly based on the colors of the ingredients; then microwave ovens, in which he cooked roaches and rats.


Garbage disposers enchanted him; he fed them paper towels and whole packages of cigarettes. First, he basically just told Daniel that he was going to stalk him and possibly kill him, unless he proved to be interesting. That went on for a while, and poor Daniel lived in constant fear, on the verge of madness. Then he stopped for a bit, Daniel started feeling sane and well again, only for Armand to swoop back in and tell Daniel he loved him and that Daniel was his now and that, from now on, he could do what he wanted during the day but would spend his nights with Armand.

He even made Daniel have sex with people while he watched. That this is love to him. That this is how he treats the person he cares about most. But now that Daniel is vampire, Armand seems to be treating him better at least. And complex.

I guess I feel for him. I found Daniel just as complex and interesting as all the others, but he was a bit of a hot mess. He was just perpetually fascinated and amused by everything. I felt bad for him. Khayman was so old, one of the oldest, and he was just so lonely. The poor man just kept trying to be friends with every vampire he came across. He offered his name freely, he tried to help them, etc. I felt bad for him too, for different reasons. He took on this heavy, thankless burden of watching over Akasha and Enkil for so many years. Then, when she woke, she mocked him, destroyed his home, and nearly destroyed him but spared him only because of her feelings for Lestat.

I could understand why Marius felt bitter. I like his compassion, patience, and wisdom.

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To put it bluntly, Maharet has been through some shit. Yet she never let it break her. She even found a way to avoid the despair and madness that claims all the other vampires, either causing them to go into the fire or into the earth. He wanted to have attention and to start a war and never actually stopped to think how many innocents might harmed in the process. But he does bring all the drama and fun to these books. I hated Akasha. Her ways of twisting everything around and creating delusions out of desperation to make herself seem better, to make things go her way, to make things fit with what she wanted to believe, was taken to an extreme because of what she is, but it was a realistic mindset.

And that was what made her even more awful to read about. Oddly enough, despite hardly having a part in this book, Gabrielle has grown on me. And really, she goes off into the wilderness and keeps to herself, not causing problems with anyone other than those she kills, which I can accept since she needs blood to survive. I like how human Louis is, and I too would be the one scolding Lestat for being too rebellious.

I feel like we could get along. Yes, there were some negatives to this book, mostly that it was slow with a lot of fluff, but I still think it was worth it. I think all three books so far have been worth it because these are some of the most unique and complex characters I have ever read about! Anyone who likes beautiful yet deadly vampires, descriptive writing, and amazingly complex characters. Goodreads Amazon. In a feat of virtuoso storytelling, Anne Rice unleashes Akasha, the queen of the damned, who has risen from a six-thousand-year sleep to let loose the powers of the night.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I think Queen of the Damned is my second favorite book in the Vampire Chronicles, just for its epicness. I love to go back to it sometimes and read my favorite parts, like the confrontation between Akasha and the surviving vampires, especially Maharet and Mekare. But I can see what you mean about the epicness. The climax near the end with Akasha and the twins was definitely intense!

That was the one scene I still remembered from the first time I read it, even after like ten years. And I loved seeing all the different vampires interacting. The way I read has changed so much since I started blogging and I wonder if I would love them as much? Turns out I do! I think you should go for it ;-. I think this is where I stopped reading Rice.

The Queen Of The Damned : Number 3 in series

No real reason other than it was during the vampire craze and I there were so many series to read. Bad ass vampire are very cool too but I guess I can relate to him and like you said be friends.

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  6. It seems like people just think Louis is whiny, but I like him.